We May Be Living But Are We Truly Alive?


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Humanistic Counselling
(Metanoia Institute)

Reflective Therapeutic Practice 
(Middlesex University)


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I have professional liability cover and regular supervision as required by BACP good practice





I am of Indian origin having grown up in a multicultural environment in Africa. Britain has been my home for over 35 years. I consider myself having British, African and Indian roots which have given me a good understanding of how diverse life can be.


After a highly successful and rewarding professional career for years as a Specialist Dentist, I decided to follow my heart’s calling and train to create my own well being business.


Counselling training has allowed me to make significant positive lasting changes in my life. These include overcoming weight related issues, a  reduction in stress and the problems associated with it, managing anxiety and a huge change of career.


As for having the courage to write a book, that's just another story (please see BOOK page).


There really are so many ways to Be. Unfortunately we box ourselves into tight spaces in order to be accepted by others. We know we could do better, and deserve better, but somehow life does not map out that way.


We are unable to control life events and external circumstances, but we are able to look within with courage and compassion for ourselves and pave the way forward to living a more authentic (genuine) fulfilling life. 


The encouraging thing is that change is really possible. 


My counselling journey has ignited deep personal awareness around the impact of my own script on my world view, personality and behaviors. 


 I deeply value the role of counselling in my personal transformation. I am passionate about it and hope to share it with you.


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